Why is Online Book Swapping beneficial ?

online book swapping

Online Book Swapping benefits :

  1. Y0u discover about new authors and their work.
  2. You can search for books as per your need.
  3. You get the content you want to read.
  4. Book Swapping costs less than buying books.
  5. Millions of trees are cut down every year to produce books. If the content you want is already written somewhere then just rent that book, swap it  or buy used book. Sapping books can be a great idea to save trees and environment. Almost 46% of total number of trees have been cut down in the past 1200 years.

Note – Our idea “Swap the books & save trees ” is to promote awareness for saving trees. We are trying to stop people to buy new books. We just want people to buy books if they think it’s necessary. Many topics are already well discussed in used books, if you can find a book easily available for swap then just swap or rent it instead of buying.

Post & Data by Ankit – Slidescope.com

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