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Welcome to Swapthebook.com | Part of Slidescope.com. This website is created for Book Lovers. Its a simple platform for book sharing, book swapping or exchanging books with other users of same interest. Additionally you can sell used books as well.

What is Book Swapping ?

Book swapping is a practice of exchange of books based on common interest between two individuals.

If you love books and like to collect them in your library then you can become source of an E-Library for others as well.

How it Works ?

Suppose Mr Rachit has a collection of books and Mr Utkarsh likes to maintain a personal library of books as well; Slidescope’s Libraryshare introduces Rachit’s Library to Utkarsh’s library and vice-versa. If Rachit wants to read Utkarsh’s book, he will simply send Utkarsh a ‘Book Sharing Request‘. Utkarsh can now exchange book (s) with Rachit as per his interest after exploring Rachit’s library.

Book Swapping


We have a separate section for selling used books as well. Used books are a good alternative for students. Users can earn extra sum of money online selling used books.l

We will keep sharing and adding used books in our system to help students and working professionals.

Today’s Thought:

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.

– Oscar Wild

Explore books of your interest now . Have fun!